Call of Papers

We are calling for oral and poster presentations on the following topics:

  1. Cell culture engineering
  2. Production of biologicals
  3. Functional cell lines
  4. Glycoengineering
  5. Immunologicals, monoclonal antibodies, and vaccines
  6. Transplantation, artificial organs, and organ substitutes
  7. Gene therapy
  8. Transgenic animals
  9. Safety and regulation
  10. Cell regulatory factors and signal transduction
  11. Functional substances in food and natural sources
  12. Animal cells for in vitro assay
  13. Other topics concerning animal cell technology

Guidelines for Preparation:

> Oral presentation

Each of general oral presentations will be done in 15 min including discussion time. Multimedia projector ( for Windows after Windows XP and MacOS X only) will be available. Please prepare your slides by using "PowerPoint" and bring them in your personal computer.

> Poster presentation

A board of W90 x H180 cm will be available for each poster (Nov.12 to Nov.14). The Poster Discussion Sessions will take place on Friday Nov 14.

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