Dear Colleagues,

It is our great honor and pleasure to welcome you to Kitakyushu, Japan for the 27th Annual and International Meeting of Japanese Association for Animal Cell Technology (JAACT) to be held on November 11-14, 2014. Late autumn in Japan is one of the best seasons and one of the reasons you should be here with nice chilly weather and beautiful autumn leaves.

In this meeting, I would like you to discuss, under the theme of ‘wide-spread cell engineering world’, great variety of animal cell potentials such as manufacturing biologics, exploring and finding useful factors and developing technologies to apply to the functional food and cosmetics. The main reason you should be here is that you will, therefore, extend and deepen your knowledge in delivering and listening to the oral and poster presentations of the latest technology update in the animal cell utilization, processing and regeneration, and their core breakthroughs. We hope many of you will come to Kitakyushu, Japan and foster further academic and business relationship.

Kitakyushu is the north tip of Kyushu Island in Japan with 1 million people. It grew to be one of the Japan Big Four industrial zones and today it is famous for its environmental industry. There are many historical sightseeing spots in Kitakyushu. The Kanmon Straight lies between Kyushu island and Honshu, so it has long been strategic point of marine traffic and very prosperous as an international trading port. I hope you will also enjoy staying here, not to mention having the good informative conference.

We look forward to welcoming you in Kitakyushu in late autumn, 2014.

Sincerely yours,

Hiroharu KAWAHARA, Ph.D.Chairperson of JAACT 2014

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